MPYR is a new, mobile gaming experience in which the real world is the battle field. Similar to world domination games like RISK™, but much bigger, much more intense, and played with many more people...

Introducing MPYR.

Battle for Real Places

Conquer any business or landmark in your area or around the globe (schools & churches excluded).

The Game Board: Google Maps.

Roam the entire planet and look for places to attack and occupy. (Build your empire)

Play on Any Device

Enter the world of MPYR via any computer, tablet or smartphone. (Coming Soon)

Game Play | FAQ

Learn more about MPYR and how to play via the Support Center. (Coming Soon)

Recent Property Claims

NOW OPEN: Every user can submit an early claim for one Property before MPYR goes live.
(All submissions are subject to approval.)

  • infantryhawk .'s claim of Marshall 6 Theatre in Marshall, Minnesota was approved.

  • Brette Hensley's claim of Olive Garden in Springfield, OH was approved.

  • Ryan Gross's claim of Edison Theatre in St. Louis, MO was approved.

  • Grant English's claim of Civil War Museum in Kenosha, WI was approved.

  • Zach Koenig's claim of Layne's of College Station in College Station, TX was approved.

  • @andrewmcl14's claim of Cabela's in Scarborough, ME was approved.

  • Montgomery Box's claim of Fair Park in Dallas, TX was approved.

  • @haseloff's claim of Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium 18 & IMAX & RPX in San Diego, CA was approved.